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Hype on Hemp

Most people have heard about the hype on hemp through the past few recent years. After all, hemp was one of the earliest plants that humans cultivated for food, clothing, medicinal and ritual uses. It goes without saying that it has obviously & completely revolutionized the smoking industry forever. Not only are the taxes cheaper on hemp than on tobacco cigarettes, the two products have completely different effects and benefits. Despite some odd rumors, hemp cigarettes actually DO NOT intoxicate you! A multitude of medicinal properties are carried by the hemp plant including a mind & body relaxation and yet no high involved!

No current or historical scientific data has shown that hemp cigarettes contain carcinogens, which makes perfect sense why the smoking community has taken a switch in products recently. If anything, smoking hemp cigarettes actually has health benefits! The Journal of Experimental Medicine states that the CBD within hemp cigarettes fight inflammation (a serious issue in Western society). Not only that but, smokers who are on their journey to quit have made the change to hemp cigarettes due to the relaxed feeling without major addictive side effects! It is clear to see the pros outweigh the cons with this particular style cigarette.

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